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Tout Va Bien

#11 “Although in my dreams my set at Rock Werchter completely went wrong, I’m really looking forward to open the festival.”

Put on your festival boots because tomorrow Rock Werchter is opening her gates again.

The early birds who want to conquer the rain better run to The Barn. There Tout Va Bien will welcome you to the festival. “The show is danceable with a touch of sexiness”, assures singer Jan Wouter.

Tout Va Bien is playing at 13 o’clock at The Barn.



The singer flashes forward to his performance at Rock Werchter and his favourite artist on Thursday.


You’ll hear his new album Curious Encounter that he already introduced us to at the Ancienne Belgique. “Our show at the AB was a starter and this will be the perfected version of it.” That promises a whole lot of good!

See you there!


Don’t forget to check out Tout Va Bien on Spotify!

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