A roof as a stage to tell stories about music



Tout Va Bien
Rooftop Session

#11 “Although in my dreams my set at Rock Werchter completely went wrong, I’m really looking forward to open the festival.”

Rooftop Session

#9 “At a release show you can fail, at festivals it’s for real”

Rooftop Session

#7 Blackwave. dreams about a Caravan Sessions with Kendrick Lamar and Anderson Paak

The Infantry
Rooftop Session

#6 “The Search For Dopamine is a quest for happiness that everybody participates in life”

Rooftop Session

#5 What includes the camel vibe of the upcoming single Sheria?

High Hi
Rooftop Session

#2 10 details about HIGH HI and their debut album Hindrance

Jacle Bow
Rooftop Session

#1 “We feel that America would like to see us again and that feeling is mutual”

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